Nick LaToof

Fly Fishing Guide / Avalanche Educator & Splitboard Guide

Nick grew up in Texas. He played sports, changing from one to the next, as the seasons changed. His main sport was football, which led to a college scholarship. He played at a few different schools, in Oklahoma and North Carolina. He finished his degree in exercise science and instructional technologies and began working as a strength and conditioning coach in Nashville Tennessee. Nick spent a couple of years in Tennessee before moving to Southern California to expand his career in the fitness industry. He worked as a sales rep for a sports nutrition supplement company before leaving the big city life for the more adventurous work and lifestyle he has now. 
In the fall of 2017, Nick found himself in Grand Junction, CO and it’s been his home, more or less, ever since. Upon arrival, he started fly fishing and working at a ski resort, which allowed him to snowboard as much as he wanted. These passions would turn into a life-long pursuit and career for Nick, as he now shares these passions with people from all over the world. 
Nick has logged over a thousand miles on western rivers, ranging from Colorado to Montana. He currently has guide instructor status, in the state of Colorado. He guides on the Gunnison River with Black Canyon Anglers as well as the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers for Colorado West Slope Fly Fishing. 
The bulk of Nick’s guiding takes place in the Gunnison Gorge, a canyon wilderness environment that’s home to big bugs and big trout. Multi-Day trips through the canyon are very popular, especially mid-June through mid-Sept. 
When not in the Gunnison Gorge, Nick can be found guiding on the Colorado River, Roaring Fork River, and various alpine lakes on the Western Slope. Nick also chases several species other than trout such as pike, bass, carp, perch, and walleye. All of these species can be found in Western Colorado. Another species that Nick loves to fish for are Red Fish; these fish, however, are not found in Colorado so a pilgrimage to Texas is in order. He hosts a trip to the Texas Coast every October. 

Avalanche Instructor / Splitboard Guide

Nick’s snowboarded all over the west but spends most of his time in Colorado and the Tetons. During the winter, Nick works as an avalanche educator and splitboard guide. Nick is an AMGA Apprentice Splitboard Guide, which allows him to guide guests on non-technical objectives. Nick is also an instructor for the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE). 
Most of Nick’s guiding is done in the front range of Colorado, in Rocky Mountain National Park. RMNP serves as a great venue for teaching avalanche courses and intro into backcountry days. When Nick’s not guiding in the winter, he can be found on the Grand Mesa of Western Colorado exploring terrain in his backyard.