Fall on the Colorado is beautiful and great fishing abounds

The Colorado River is one of the West’s most iconic. It starts high in the alpine of Rocky Mountain National Park and flows west until it reaches the Gulf of California. We float just a small section of the Mighty Colorado, but we believe it to be one of the rivers finest offerings.

We have several sections to float on the Colorado, starting at the Two Rivers Park in Glenwood Springs, near the confluence of the Roaring Fork River. From Glenwood down, you’ll encounter wide, powerful flows and also tighter canyon sections with a few rapids to keep boaters on their toes.

The stretch from New Castle down to Silt offers some great water to catch trout. Plenty of nymph runs and some really great streamer water. But don’t sleep on the dry fly opportunities. Lots of structure near the banks make this stretch a prime dry dropper fishery.

Silt to Rifle offers a slightly longer stretch and here you’ll see the vastness of Western Colorado. This stretch doesn’t hold as many fish as upstream does but the fish down here are quality. There are also great opportunities to chase some carp in back eddies and sloughs. Carp presents a great challenge, as they require stealth and accurate casting. But, once you hook into one, you’re in for quite a battle.

The Colorado flows through Parachute, De Beque, and eventually reaches our basecamp of Grand Junction. There are limited trout opportunities in this stretch of water, but one may be surprised. Our Grand Juntion segment offers great opportunities for chasing carp.

Trips on the Colorado

Richard celebrating a healthy brown trout

Most of the Colorado River sections we float are better suited for full day trips. However, 3/4 and 1/2-day trips can be accommodated. We also over extended days if you’re looking to cover more water. If interested in floating multiple sections over multiple days, there are plenty of places to stay near all the boat ramps. If booking 4 or more days, discounts may be available.

Sections We Float

Glenwood Springs Area

Two Rivers to Dino – 9 Miles

  • Mostly Trout
  • Nymphs and Streamers

Dino to Silt – 13 Miles

  • Mostly Trout
  • Nymphs and Streamers

New Castle to Silt – 7.5 Miles

  • Mostly Trout, often some native suckers or chubs
  • Nymphs, Streamers, and Dry Fly
  • Good banks for dry flies and streamers

Silt to Rifle – 9 Miles

  • Trout and Carp, often some native suckers or chubs
  • Nymphs and Streamers
  • Great Dry Fly Banks
  • Opportunities for Carp

Grand Junction Area

Corn Lake State Park to Redlands Parkway – 10 miles

  • Carp and Native Species

Redlands Parkway to Fruita – 10 miles

  • Carp and Native Species

Fruita to Loma – 4 miles

  • Carp and Native Species
  • Good Walk / Wade / Stalking opportunities


Trout Specific – Glenwood Springs Area
$650 per boat / 2 anglers / 8 hrs
$600 per boat / 2 anglers / 6 hrs
$500 per boat / 2 anglers / 4 hrs
Extended Day:
$750 per boat / 2 anglers / 10 hrs

Carp Specific – Grand Junction Area
$550 per boat / 2 anglers / 8 hrs
$500 per boat / 2 anglers / 6 hrs
$450 per boat / 2 anglers / 4 hrs
Extended Day:
$650 per boat / 2 anglers / 10 hrs

Current Flows

It’s important to know what the flows are for the river, as they can help you determine how well it can fish. For the Colorado, knowing the flows are very important. There are many creeks that feed into the Colorado and big rainstorms can really affect the speed and clarity of the water.

Below Glenwood Springs

Colorado / Utah Border