Rowing Instruction – CO State Rowing Certification


Interested in becoming a float guide, in Colorado?
This 6-day course covers all the on-water requirements!


The state requires a 50-hour training course before you can do any guiding. We can get you certified in the state of Colorado! A six-day course covering the following topics:

  • Rigging & Maneuvering the Vessel
  • River Currents, Eddies, and Waves
  • River Hazards
  • Types and Causes of River Hazards
  • Scouting and Running Rapids
  • River Rescue and Emergency Procedures
  • Minimizing Impact
  • Proper Fitting and Wearing of PFDs

To help you prepare for this on-water instruction refer to the following books:

Float Fishing Strategies

The Floaters Guide to Colorado


This adventure is made possible with our partner: Colorado West Slope Fly Fishing


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